<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN"> <!-- Created using Agile HTML Editor --> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Panorama applet</TITLE> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Generator" CONTENT="Agile HTML Editor, http://www.compware.demon.co.uk"> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff"> <p align="center"> <TABLE BORDER=1 cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="#e4e4e4"><tr> <TD><APPLET CODE="Panorama_11.class" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=140> <PARAM NAME="image" VALUE="panorama.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="stime" VALUE="120"> <PARAM NAME="step" VALUE="8"> <PARAM NAME="mode" VALUE="2"> </APPLET></TD></tr> </TABLE><br><font face="Helvetica,Arial" size="2" color="#e4e4e4"><i>Cool, isn't it?</i><br>Click on the bottom of the applet to scroll down.<br>Click on the top to scroll up.<br>Click on the left side to scroll left.<br>Click on the right side to scroll right.<br>Click in the center of the image to stop the show.<br>Yes, you can adjust the speed too.<br></font> </p> <UL><h3><lh><u>Requirements</u>:<li>Panorama_11.class<li>IMaGe</h3></UL> <p align="center"> <A HREF="../werks.html"><IMG SRC="../images/home.gif" WIDTH="120" HEIGHT="23" BORDER=0></A> </p> </BODY> </HTML>
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